Water Management: What Bengaluru can learn from towns like Devanahalli

The Bengaluru water crisis is among the most severe and recurring urban challenges worsened by climate change. Our Co-Founder, @Earthwormfirefly Avinash Krishnamurthy, identifies pockets of hope amongst the crisis and captures some successful models of water conservation that have thrived in the city. Read the article here Water management: What Bengaluru can learn from towns like Devanahalli - Citizen Matters

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Vishwanath S our founder, was in conversation with MSquare Studios for their video podcast Talkative. In this Kannada language podcast, Vishwanath goes into discussing the excessive and careless use of water, the drought in Bengaluru and resulting water scarcity, and what holistic mitigation looks like in various levels of society
Watch the whole podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ6p5l-w52Y

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