Waste Warriors Attends South Rising Conference in US

We had the pleasure of attending ‘South Rising: Partnerships, Institutions and Ideas’, a conference where the esteemed panel involved Dr. S. Jaishankar (Ministry of External Affairs, India), Kamina Johnson Smith (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, Jamaica) and
João Gomes Cravinho (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal).

They shed light on how the world is grappling with multiple challenges all at once– post-pandemic recovery, conflict, and multiple debt crises. How the Global South responds to this with people-centric and sustainable developmental models will be pivotal in deciding our collective fate.

The valuable takeaway from this talk was, “Global collaboration is critical in addressing climate change, and the Global South has an important role to play if we are to have a chance at solving the climate crisis.”

Share your views with us on how the #GlobalSouth can lead the charge towards a more world.