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Sharing our experience of facilitating a Participatory Landscape Assessment exercise at kantasole GP, Dumriya, East Singhbum (Jharkhand). Please refer to the attachment.

As part of the ‘Regenerative, productive and climate resilient landscape’ project , WASSAN and its partners are trying to develop and standardize a participatory methodology that helps the community profile the village economy, assess climate change, ecological and livelihood crisis and evolve their response.

Participatory Landscape Assessment (Kantasole, Jharkhand).pdf (1.6 MB)

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This is wonderful! If communities take charge of their paths and solutions we might start to see big change. Thanks for driving this and sharing this here, and looking forward to a lot more!

Between 25th -27th April, a team from Buzz Women visited tribal villages in Manyam District of Andhra Pradesh. The regional team of WASSAN facilitated the visit. It was a great sharing experience that led to mutual learning for both the teams.
WASSAN team shared their experience of promoting the Desi Backyard Poultry (BYP) Breed farm and night shelter(s) model. They gave an orientation on the package of practices for strengthening Desi poultry enterprises such as parent stock maintenance, shelter management, chick management, ethnoveterinary care, forage area development, and on potential of five-layer model.
The team from Buzz Women (BW) shared that they will establish 6 Desi poultry enterprises and 60 Household night shelters with women entrepreneurs in Kolar district.
Also, the BW team gave an orientation to the local SHG women on financial literacy and related aspects of enterprise management such as capital, expenditure , income, profit and loss, importance of budgeting and planning, discussion on assets and liabilities and setting financial goals .
Looking forward to collaborate meaningfully in the near future.

Link to Google folder- BYP Videos


Thanks for hosting us WASSAN team. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.