Vasudha presents Swadesh Yatra

Along with a few friends, I have formed a volunteer group called ‘Vasudha’. The idea is simple, bring like-minded folks from Bangalore to enable them to translate their professional expertise into building for India3. However, any building requires user research and empathy. To facilitate this we have come up with ‘Swadesh Yatra’ - a rural immersion trip to understand alternate development models and sustainable lifestyles.

For our inaugural journey, we’re headed to the heart of rural India – Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), Mysuru. SVYM, is a development organization based in Saragur, Mysuru. Partnering with YOUTH FOR SEVA (YFS) for this visit, we draw from their extensive experience in organizing and conducting volunteer activities.

At the helm of SVYM is the super-inspiring Dr. R Balasubramaniam, author of ‘i-the citizen’ and ‘Voice from the Grassroots’. Dr. Balu, a development scholar, author, and public policy advocate, is renowned for his pioneering work with rural and tribal communities in Saragur and Heggadadevana Kote Taluks of Mysuru in Karnataka, India. Remarkably, he founded SVYM at the age of 19.

SVYM’s work spans four critical fronts: education, health, socio-economic development, and environmental sustainability. During our visit, we’ll explore various sites to gain insights into these areas of focus.

Dates: 30th and 31st March.
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