Tribal Tigers: Local Culture Promotes Coexistence with the World's Largest Wild Cat

Coexistence between tigers and the Idu Mishmi people of the Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh where there are more tigers than in regional tiger reserves.

There’s a genetically distinct tiger population thriving in the Idu people’s community forests. Using camera traps and anthropological approaches, Sahil and Achili learn how and why tigers have been conserved in Idu forests without any government/NGO protection.

DETAILS- Monday, 19 Feb, 6-7.30 pm. Infosys Science Foundation

Sahil Nijhawan is an interdisciplinary conservation anthropologist who has lived and worked alongside the Idu Mishmi people of Arunachal Pradesh

Achili is part of an Idu Mishmi team, called the Dibang Team, that is helping to protect Dibang Valley’s unique bio-cultural diversity through a range of rights-based initiatives.

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Thanks Seema! Might you know if there’ll be a recording one can watch later?

Hi Marisha, some of these talks will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube. Will send a link here.