Secret Santa for a Good Cause

This festive season, Rainmatter Foundation will be happy to do a Rs. 50000/- no-questions-asked donation on your behalf to 10 NGOs or ideas that you think we should contribute to. Play Secret Santa and pick upto 3 from the list below.

If there’s a new one you want to suggest or add, please leave a comment, link and reason you think this should be done so others can support it.

These ideas and teams should be working on fixing our ecology, or helping create green livelihoods especially outside tier-1 cities. We’re running this till Jan 10th and will then decide the 10 for the giveaway - please add more orgs and ideas to the list.


Teach graphic design/social media design to select few in Coorg/Uttarakannada and help them get few local projects.


Sure - is there an org regd as an NGO doing this? This is not about starting projects but a giveaway for existing ones.

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I will dig into NGOs who would probably be interested.

Dayanilaya is interested

We will need to facilitate. Might not need more than 5,000.

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Sorry folks - we had some trouble with the native forms - the earlier votes were lost. Have setup a Google Form for now - please revote. Sorry about the trouble.

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A good primer on the Million Wells for Bengaluru push :

I think this is huge one for Bangalore - corporates, RWAs, wards, the BBMP - to accelerate adoption of. It also helps keep alive the skills of the very enthusiastic and enterprising well diggers community around Bangalore - they’ve geared up for this and can likely do much more that they’re doing now, if the demand grows.

Good reads

Updates at

@shubha @zenrainman are leading these efforts. Is there a scorecard for this?

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Hey @sameershisodia - i’d love to nominate The Sustainability Mafia (legally ‘Sustainability Engine Foundation’) - a Section-8 NGO in India. We’re building an ecosystem for climate action and sustainability, leveraging all interested stakeholders with an input-side solution focus, and creating impact from a behavioral lens. More about SusMafia at and

Happy to share more with you if you think we’d be eligible for your Secret Santa :slight_smile:



Lovely - will add. Could you share some of the (expected) outcomes from your efforts to share in the poll?

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@sameershisodia Nominating an NGO - Souramandala Foundation a Bangalore based NGO working with some of the most vulnerable communities in very remote regions of India. They have so far worked in few areas of Kashmir & the NE states on various projects around education, sustainable energy, sustainable livelihoods.

They are still working on their website but this work-in-progress site gives more info about them

*** Disclaimer: I have worked with them directly on some projects in Manipur, and most probably will be working together in the future as well.


Lovely - will add. Could you share some of the (expected) outcomes from your efforts to share in the poll?

Added - can you check if I summarized the work they do right?

Absolutely. Sharing 2 key outcomes from our efforts, that’ll be boosted by your support:

  1. Multiply the impact of sustainability leaders/entrepreneurs through goal oriented creative collaborations
  2. Make sustainability the default choice for corporate climate intrapreneurs/changemakers with a 1-year dedicated Corporado Fellowship
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Yup, looks good.


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So ok if I characterize it as “Sustainability advocacy and individual and org levels” ?

Yes, “Sustainability advocacy at individual and org levels” is perfect. Thank you

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Done - added to the poll choices and the list. Please also vote for others you think are deserving :slight_smile:

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This video might help understand the scale and imoact of the conservation effort at Kalpavalli. Do take a look.


Just added one that @Santhosh pointed to. This seems to be an amazing effort towards creating community stewardship and self help for organic farming, better healthcare, water management etc. Ideas like these need to grow across the country.

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Sustainable agriculture intervention in a comprehensive, regional relevant scale (Orrisa) with multi stakeholder and collaborative people led approach to change model has been for me :

Orrisa Millets Program

It’s the most comprehensive on ground proven and tested model with solid outcomes and real learnings by dedicated grassroots lead team.

The model is now being replicated towards other areas like lentils, oilseeds, livestock… Will share the program on launch.

The above program architecture is umbrella for some good NGOs and the chief architect org I can vouch for.

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