Secret Santa for a Good Cause

This seems like a govt programme with budgetary allocations - I don’t think they need a grant from us on this :slight_smile:

Have added Magasool -

They are heling 1500+ farmers and farm workers make farming more viable and esp help covid returnees find a proper livelihood around this at the farm itself. Do check it out and vote up.

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Added Aranya Agriculture Initiatives who have been at the forefront of bringing permaculture to India and helping numerous farmers adopt ecologically sustainable agriculture.

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Added Clean Coonoo

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Added ProtoVillage who have been working to help setup an ideal, self sustaining and ecologically sustainable rural community near Lepakshi.

Added Manthan Kotri : works on water conservation, health, education, etc in rural Ajmer

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Added the same. Thanks for sharing.

Hunger is one of the biggest problem to solve in India, India Ranks 94 as per the Index report Among 107 Countries in Global Hunger Index 2020.

There are hundreds of thousands of NGO’s doing their bit & try to help hunger people in the country, Nominating Serve Needy Serve Needy is a Registered Non-Profitable and Non-Religious Social Service Organization. The Organization work 24/7 to serve poor and needy. Our passion remains in feeding the hungry, hosting the underprivileged kids, performing last rites for Orphan dead bodies this is one of greatest Job then everything else as per my view, treating medical conditions of poor, sheltering the homeless, clothing the poor, educating the illiterates, Cleaning the surroundings, fixing potholes.
Our main objective is hunger-relief, provide permanent solution to orphans and underprivileged. Their noble thought is to provide food, clothing, shelter and education, to those needy, for whom such basics is a struggle. Inspired by many humble hearts, we offer help whole heartedly to the needy.

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Thanks for sharing! For this one we’re focusing on climate change and related efforts, but these need help too. Request folks to check this out and pitch in as they can.

Hello @sameershisodia Sir,
Wanted to check if an NGO currently in its registration process (however, existent for 6 months) could apply for the donation here?

Please do share. Please also share their track record.

Dear @sameershisodia sir, i would like to nominate Mr. Dusharla Satyanarayana from Raghava Puram vlg, suryapet, telangana. He has converted his 70 acre farm land into forest that became habitat thousands of species. He badly needs funds to maintain the forest. It will be really helpful if we can provide some financial assistance to him.
More info is available in this link


This has ended. We’ll reach out to the orgs in the top 10 soon. It was wonderful to learn about so many great organizations and people doing meaningful, impactful work on the ground. We will be going through all the suggestions that this process has thrown up for considering engaging with, and reach out over time - the idea is to have all the good ideas, solutions that have worked in various contexts so others can borrow from them and start solving problems around them.

Thanks for participating, folks, and let’s change how we live on this planet!


So who all did you guys finally reach out to? Thanks

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  1. SayTrees : Create Urban Forests
  2. Forest First Samithi : degraded land eco-restoration and diversity planting in farm lands
  3. Farmers For Forests : Get folks to invest in forests to pay farmers for growing them
  4. Magasool : Helping 1500+ farmers grow better and not return to the city post covid Magasool - The Need
  5. Early Bird (NCF-India) : Helping young people get interested in Indian birds
  6. Million Recharge Wells for Bangalore Campaign : Biome Environmental Trust Million Wells | Urban Waters, Bengaluru
  7. The Hive - Capacity building in beekeeping and bee sensitization
  8. ProtoVillage : an attempt to create the prototype of a rural community that enjoys autonomy with respect to its basic needs through ecologically sustainable ways
  9. Aranya : Promoting permaculture, watershed mgmt, FPOs across 36 panchayats
  10. Kalpavalli Community Conservation Area : Timbaktu Collective



Thank you for posting this, with the link

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Could you please check the link to Barefoot please? Appears to throw up an error

Looks like they have pulled the page from the website. Will update this. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Sir. Appreciate it

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