Nation Seminar on Food and nutrition security in the Context of Climate Change

It is with great pleasure we announce that the Hume Centre for Ecology and Wildlife Biology, is organising a national seminar on food and nutrition security in the context of climate change. Based in Wayanad, a region known for its rich bio-cultural landscape, high climate sensuosity, higher proportion of indigenous communities, we recognize the urgent need to address the challenges of food security in the face of climate change.

With the Sustainable Development Goal Two of ‘End Hunger’ in mind, this seminar will explore the role of conservation of diverse plant and animal genetic resources at local and regional levels as a strategy to ensure food security for all. We will also examine the impact of climate change on larger commercialized food production systems and the importance of promoting local food systems to combat the challenges of food security.

Our discussions will focus on the global context, Indian context, and the Kerala context of food and nutrition security, with an emphasis on local, traditional, and adivasi food systems that are sustainable and resilient to climate change. Through sharing and learning from the experiences of various communities, we aim to develop a more just and sustainable food system model for the state of Kerala.
We acknowledge the support from Rainmatter Foundation, Kerala Council for Historic Research, Samagata Foundation for making this event happening.