Kadalekayi Parishe - Bengaluru’s Grand Groundnut Festival Going Green!

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The Kadalekayi Parishe, a traditional celebration deeply ingrained in the community, is undergoing a transformation towards sustainability. In collaboration with a multitude of organisations, the event is striving to shift away from single-use plastic and embrace purposeful sustainability. The event was held in Malleshwaram from December 2 - 4 and in Basavanagudi from December 11 - 13.


Kadalekayi Parishe’s initiative towards sustainability is in collaboration with BBMP, SWMRT, Sampige Foundation, RR Nagar-I Care, SVP India, Adamya Chetana, SAAHAS, Hasiru Dala, The Indian Ploggers Army, Youths of Malleshwara, Malleshwaram Social, Let’s Be The Change, Beautiful Bharat, Eat Raja, Citizen Participation Program, and Youth for Parivarthan. Each partner contributed to the event’s commitment to a low-waste future, making Kadalekayi Parishe a symbol of unity.

The Cause

Kadalekayi Parishe is taking a bold step towards eco-conscious festivities by eliminating single-use plastic. Instead, the event featured eco-friendly cloth bags, turning each one into a symbol of dedication to a low-waste future. This transition aims to redefine celebrations, urging participants to contribute to sustainability actively.

Initiatives for a Low-waste event

The Kadalekayi Parishe zero-waste collective aims to make the event plastic-free, litter-free and to implement waste segregation.

To ensure this, the collective has implemented several key initiatives:

  • Donate to Eliminate Plastic: Cloth collection drives held across the city in communities and apartments are accepting material donations which will be sent to NGO and BBMP run stitching centres.

  • Outreach: To ensure the message reaches wider audiences, the collective is actively promoting the low-waste event ideology on social media. The mascot for the event, Mr Kadle, has a dedicated instagram page for updates and engagement.

  • Working with BBMP: Collaborating with the BBMP, Kadalekayi Parishe is committed to keeping the event space litter-free through waste segregation practices. Auto announcements, BMTC signages and audio announcements are actively promoting the ‘Cheela Tanni’ message prior to the event.

  • Volunteer driven:The event has seen overwhelming responses from volunteers. These volunteers will carry out plogging activities, awareness drives to educate the vendors and the public about eliminating plastic and keeping the area litter-free.

  • Celebrity appeals: Appeals from prominent personalities to the public to keep the event plastic-free and to bring their own bag are being widely promoted.

  • Managing waste : To ensure the event stays litter-free, bags will be distributed to all vendors to dispose waste and frequent collection of waste.


Kadalekayi Parishe’s journey towards a low-waste future is a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement. Through partnerships, a commitment to plastic-free practices, and active involvement, the event stands as a beacon for sustainable celebrations.


You have set an example for many such events in cities to keep the Environment clean by bringing community together. kudos

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