Great Backyard Bird Count (16-19 Feb)

If you, or those you work with, have any interest in birds, please consider taking part in the largest birdwatching event in the world this weekend (Friday to Monday). Last year, and estimated half million people took part, documenting some 75% of the world’s 10,000 bird species, generating an annual snapshot of the health of wild bird populations.

The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day event in February. To join in, go out for as little as 15 min, make a note of all the birds you see or hear, and upload your list through the eBird website or app.

More details are here.

India has consistently ranked 2nd-3rd in global participation over the past few years. Thousands of birdwatchers will be going out to survey their gardens, parks, lakes and forests. If you wish to join an existing birdwatching event near where you live, take a look at the bird walks being conducted over the four days (you can filter by your State).

And if you live, work or study on a campus or any description, you can take part in the Campus Bird Count, which runs alongside.

If you have any questions, do drop a line. Happy birding!

An update on this.

GBBC 2024 preliminary results for India.

At minimum, 2,000 Indian birdwatchers participated on each of the four days of the count (max of 3,175 birdwatchers on Day 3), documenting 1,036 species in 61,000 checklists.

In other words, >75% of ALL bird species EVER recorded in India were reported – in just four days!

Among other activities, enthusiasts conducted some 400 public bird walks in every corner of the country. And around 200 campuses of various kinds took part in the parallel Campus Bird Count.