CSTEP's eARTh Climate Fellowship

The three days (14 Feb to 16 Feb) of the eARTh Climate Fellowship offline sessions were packed with eclectic experiences to showcase how human intervention is essential to arrest climate change.

On the first day, the fellows and mentors embarked on a walk at Jakkur Lake, where Mr Vishwanath S (Director, Biome Environmental Solutions) provided insights into the lake’s history and Dr Annapurna Kamath (Founder Trustee, Jala Poshan) shared details about the lake’s conservation project. The cohort of fellows also visited Bellandur Lake to understand its ecological significance and see how the dumping of chemical waste is polluting it.

The second day included visits to the iconic Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) and Cubbon Park, where the mentors led expert sessions, delving into the genesis of their creative process.

On the third day, experts from CSTEP made presentations on various aspects of climate change. While Dr Indu K Murthy talked about the science of climate change, Ms Lakshmi Menon made a presentation on the difference between adaptation and mitigation, and Mr Dhruv Rajeev, and Mr Gautham Molleti spoke on renewable energy being the game changer. Ms Atima Mankotia (Director of Communications, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation) spoke on climate communication for behavioural change. The sessions concluded with a visit to the Science Gallery, Bengaluru, further broadening understanding of the intersection between art and science in addressing climate challenges.

Sessions Recap