ComMutiny- The Youth Collective

Hello, sharing the introductory post about ComMutiny- The Youth Collective. We are super excited to engage and learn with the Grove community.

About ComMutiny- The Youth Collective and vartaLeap coalition

ComMutiny stands for the first ‘mutiny’ within a young person, symbolic of the fact that social and systemic transformation cannot happen without personal transformation. Founded in 2008, ComMutiny - The Youth Collective is a community of practice of youth work organizations across India, engaged in aggregating, accelerating and amplifying empowering youth spaces co-led with self-aware, pro-active citizens- we call Jagriks (Jagruk Nagariks).

In 2019, recognizing the need for mainstreaming youth-centric development across all sectors, we incubated the vartaLeap coalition. It is a cross-sectoral grouping of youth engaging organizations from the development sector, government, media, corporate, educational institutions, and UN agencies. The purpose of the coalition is to design, pilot and scale youth–centric innovations and enable narrative shifts with thought leadership coming from years of wisdom from our members. vartaLeap’s vision is ‘Every Youth a Jagrik, Every Space Nurturing Jagriks’

A brief on our strategies:

Aggregation: We have collectivized some of the best youth-focused institutions and youth-work practitioners in the country into an effective, collaborative ecosystem. We have 175 active members at the moment.

Acceleration: We design, pilot, and scoul (scale with soul) youth-centric innovations to address the current psycho-social, economic, and ecological needs of young people. Some of the cutting-edge innovations we have designed are: FLOWING principles for youth centric designs, Youth Duties and Rights framework, Samjho Toh- The Samvidhan LIVE! Dialogues, Samvidhan LIVE! Be a Jagrik, Gender Jagrik, Changelooms: Youth leaders for climate action etc.

Amplification: Building and disseminating norm-shifting narratives to build a case for youth-centric development by engaging diverse stakeholders.

Partnership with Rainmatter

With support from the Rainmatter Foundation, we aim to mainstream climate action as a priority agenda for young people and youth workers across India. Collaboratively with our coalition members we are-

  • Building narratives that help us move from a ‘frightening future’ narrative to a ‘nourishing now’ one
  • Influencing the influencers who can convince their own communities about climate action as an imperative need.
  • Co-creating norm shifting actions and narratives that inspire citizens to reimagine personal, social and institutional pathways away from business as usual
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