Buzz Women - enabling rural women to become climate champions in villages of rural Karnataka (partnering with Rainmatter Foundation since 2022)

India Today features our women - “Four remarkable women stand out as shining examples of grassroots entrepreneurship, community leadership, and environmental stewardship, in a world where climate action has become an urgent necessity”. We are so proud to see how our women from the villages are showing the way for sustainable entrepreneurship!

Buzz World Dialogues - A global platform to bring women entrepreneurs of all Buzz Women locations together!

Imagine women entrepreneurs from around the world coming together in solidarity to hear and learn from each other. That was precisely the essence of the first edition of Buzz World Dialogues. Representing India, The Gambia, Georgia, Tanzania, and The Netherlands two women entrepreneurs from each location shared invaluable insights.

They spoke about how they tackled challenges like limited access to resources and finances, gaining the confidence to embark on entrepreneurial journeys, the absence of robust support systems, cultural barriers, and gender inequalities. Despite diverse backgrounds, a profound sense of shared experience bound them together.

The women answered the question, “If you had a magic wand to make the world a better place, what would you do?” The Buzz women answered, “women would have more access to resources, women’s voices would be heard and hidden inequalities we experience would not exist. Our change would create ripples.”

Happy World Earth Day 2024!

While we celebrate and champion climate-action to save our earth on this day, let’s remember we experience the effects of climate-change every single day. What do we do all year round to fight climate-change? How do we address the issues of climate change that affect the most vulnerable - rural women?

At Buzz Women, we combat the everyday effects of climate-change our communities experience through our Buzz Green program. Here are 5 approaches we think are crucial for grassroots climate-action. What are your critical approaches?

Women are active agents of climate-action! Our Buzz community women show us this every single day. They are enabling forces of change for themselves, their families and their communities. We’re simply standing by them.

Here’s a snippet on how Buzz Women is addressing climate-change at the grassroots level and the action that our Buzz community women are taking to be climate resilient.

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One of our key ingredients towards our mission of enabling women to craft their own lives is women’s leadership.

Change towards a just world is only achievable when the approach is holistic and intersectional. We believe that our community women have the answers; all they need is someone to stand by them! Keeping this in mind we began the Community Anchor programme. These anchors are now facilitating water for their villages, education for children and women, transport facilities for their villages, strengthening the Self-Help Group systems in the communities so women can experience financial freedom and so much more!

Click the link below to read about Buzz Women’s approach and journey in nurturing women’s leadership at the grassroots to facilitate the world we need. My dream is to witness these Anchors take full ownership of the Buzz Movement.

Kusuma is known for being “unstoppable”.

Her community women enthusiastically selected her to be their Community Anchor/Gelathi.
She has tripled her income post Buzz intervention.
She has enabled her son to attend competitions all the way, across the country in West Bengal.
She’s our AvalaBuzz Board Advisor.
And, she’s an incredible singer.
Kusuma truly is unstoppable!

Don’t you want to hear Kusuma’s pearls of wisdom on leadership? Click the video below!