Buzz Women - enabling rural women to become climate champions in villages of rural Karnataka (partnering with Rainmatter Foundation since 2022)

Our women surprise us in ways we could never imagine.
Sumalatha belongs to a migrant community called Thanda. Though her community immigrated to Karnataka many years ago, they have never been able to mingle much with the local communities.

The locals look down upon them because of incidents of theft and crime in the past. They live among themselves, without much support from nearby villages.

In case of emergencies, the Thanda community has nowhere to go. Sumalatha, after attending the Buzz training, is now empowering her community to become self-reliant and face future emergencies.


336 rural Indian women collectively saved Rs 50 lakh. How?

They attended the Buzz Green training and got inspired to start their own organic kitchen gardens. Now they don’t have to spend money to buy vegetables. And many of them have started selling their extra produce.

It’s sustainability, financial security and food security by going green!
And this is happening in the remotest villages of rural India - Climate action led by rural women!

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A rural woman’s words of wisdom for those times when we feel distressed about our future - ​​“I will have a bright future only if I decide to pursue one”.
Roopa’s life was a hamster wheel of hardships. But she picked herself up and rebuilt it beautifully. Her smile shows no trace of the hardships she has gone through. Because she now believes in her inner strength.


Rathnamma, a woman we trained single-handedly raised Rs. 24,000 and donated to Buzz!

She went from one house to another, donning the role of an ambassador of our work and said, “Look at me. You know how I was and see how much my life has changed. Let’s bring change to the lives of more women".

Isn’t this an incredible testimony to our work?

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Here is Prameela’s inspiring story!

“The Shakti is in us and we are going to show everyone who thinks otherwise.”

When Sarvari told her husband that she was eager to run her own business, her husband responded, “You cannot start a business. You’re meant to be at home. This kind of work requires strength and intelligence and is meant for men.” How often do aspiring women entrepreneurs hear this? Almost always. The Buzz Vyapar Program was started for this reason - to support women who want to follow their dreams, to break gender barriers that women entrepreneurs deal with, and to enable them to take charge of their own lives.

Sarvari, Suzanna Begum and Khushu live in Yelachahalli, Hosakote taluk, Bangalore Rural District. All three of them come from families who are agricultural labourers. After completing the Buzz Vyapar training in December 2021, they immediately started their own independent businesses. Sarvari began her own tailoring business which earned her Rs. 6000 a month while Suzanna Begum and Khushu ran their own incense stores which earned them Rs. 1500 per month each.

Sarvari was always concerned with the amount of waste that the local factories produced and would often discuss how to resolve this with Suzanna and Khushu. This catapulted into them deciding to start their own Scrap Merchant business, which means that the three of them would partner with a local factory to recycle their waste and sell the products made out of it.

On enquiring, they first found a factory they could partner with. But it required them to pay an advance of Rs 20 lakhs to the factory. This outrageous amount was beyond what they had imagined and this disheartened them. A short while later, they learnt about a furniture factory in their village that was willing to partner with them for a payment of Rs. 75000, which was also just the amount of money they had.

They received a lot of discontent and unsupportive criticism from their families because their work was perceived as “uncouth” and “unladylike”. While discussing this with the Buzz Field Associate, Sangeetha, Sarvari asked, “What about all the agricultural labour we do? That is also physical work.” This made the three of them realise that the difficulty that their families had in accepting them as business entrepreneurs was due to the fact that they would now step out of their homes to run their business unlike with tailoring and incense-stick making, which they did within the walls of their homes. To this the three women said, “The Shakti is in us and we are going to show everyone who thinks otherwise.”

Sangeetha joined the three women in convincing their families. They pooled in, using all of the savings they collectively had, which summed up to Rs 75,000 exactly. Now there was no looking back, they began their business in July 2023.

Surprising everyone, within just three months of starting their business, they have made a profit of Rs. 30,000! Sarvari, who is the only full-time partner in this business, earns Rs. 18,000 per month in addition to the money she earns from tailoring. Suzanna and Khushu work part-time who each earn Rs. 6000 per month.

Their business idea and model is unique and impactful because it is sustainable for them economically and environmentally. They are doing a lot of good for their community by reutilising the enormous amount of waste the factory produces to make items like bottles and bags.

The Buzz Vyapar program was designed with this in mind - to tap the untapped potential and ideas that women possess. These three women enjoyed the program because a sense of solidarity was established when they witnessed other keen and interested women who saw possibilities that were beyond what was written for them. Now they’re writing their own futures. In the future that Saravari, Suzanna Begum and Khushu have written for themselves, they’re going to own a godown within a year!


Here is Varalakshmi’s story, our participant from the Buzz Business/Vyapar Program!

Here is Vijaylakshmi’s story of resilience - our participant from the Buzz Green Program!

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We recently reached 500,000 women! Women who attend our programmes earn more, save more, discover their agency, and collective strength for personal and community problem-solving.

Our mission is to enable women with critical knowledge, skills and inspiring opportunities at their doorstep which will enhance their capabilities to push poverty of all kinds to the past.

We dream of a society where every woman can craft her own life.

Join our Buzz Movement and support our journey of reaching 1 crore women in all 30 districts of Karnataka by 2030.

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Buzz Women’s recipe for lasting change:


Nandakumari is now an entrepreneur too!

The Buzz Women Impact Canvas - What value do we bring to the lives of our women?
Here’s what women from different geographies, coming from different backgrounds and who speak different languages say:

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Amazing to witness the variety of dreams and the dreams-in-the-making.
Also what is inspiring to see how many started with the acknowledgement that they could solve their problems AND then solve it for the community.

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Lakshmidevi has single-handedly fixed a motor to save water in her village!

Lakshmidevi, a resident of Thernahalli, Kolar, completed the Buzz Green program in December 2022, and her story is one of resourcefulness and environmental stewardship. Living with her husband, father-in-law, and son, Lakshmidevi has actively taken steps to address water wastage in her village and promote sustainable farming practices.

One of Lakshmidevi’s notable achievements is the construction of a water motor to facilitate the transfer of water from a tank to her farmland. Previously, the water used to flow wastefully into the streets of her village, contributing to unnecessary water loss. Recognizing the need for change, Lakshmidevi independently fixed a water motor by purchasing a motor in a shop and fixing a pipe to enable the flow of the water so that she can avoid lugging water in pots and walking huge distances.

The Green program proved instrumental in shaping Lakshmidevi’s approach to water management. She resonated with the module on how to reuse water effectively, having witnessed water wastage in her community but lacking the knowledge on how to mitigate it. Farming is the main occupation for families in her village and without water, they cannot sustain their livelihoods. Empowered by the program’s emphasis on ‘recycling’ and ‘community action’, she now actively seeks ways to utilise water efficiently for agricultural purposes.

Currently, Lakshmidevi is in the process of formulating a plan to distribute the water from the tank to neighbouring farmlands equitably. Her vision is to ensure that everyone in the community receives an equal share of the water, promoting collective responsibility and fairness in resource allocation.

The water from the tank is being utilised by Lakshmidevi for cultivating a diverse range of crops, showcasing her commitment to sustainable farming. Her crops include custard apple, curry leaves, brinjal, chikoos, neem, mint, medicinal herbs, local flowers, and sugarcane. By incorporating a variety of crops, Lakshmidevi not only contributes to her family’s well-being but also diversifies her agricultural pursuits.

Looking towards the future, Lakshmidevi aspires to establish a green business. Her commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness lays the foundation for this ambitious goal. By leveraging her newfound knowledge and skills from the Green program, she envisions creating a venture that aligns with eco-friendly practices and promotes a greener, more sustainable way of life.

Lakshmidevi’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of empowerment programs on individuals and communities. Her initiative in water management and commitment to sustainable agriculture not only enhances her personal livelihood but also sets a positive example for her community. As she works towards her future goals, Lakshmidevi continues to embody the spirit of environmental responsibility and community-driven change.

Sharing insights from the Seeds of Change convening that we organized along with ClimateRise Alliance and IIM Bangalore. We had some of the most amazing speakers sharing their wisdom on Catalyzing Rural Entrepreneurship and Women’s Leadership in India’s Climate Agenda.

Ashwini, a 43-year-old resident of Vijayapura in Bangalore Rural District, found herself facing a significant life-altering event last year when she, along with her husband and two children, was compelled to leave her in-laws’ house. This forced the family into a state of uncertainty…

Read how Ashwini fearlessly fought against all odds and became a proud factory owner!

The showstoppers at the ‘Seeds of Change’ convening that we organized along with Climare Rise Alliance and IIM-B were four of our community women from the villages. When they took to the stage and spoke about how they are taking climate action and earning through eco-preneurship, the audience was completely mesmerized.

Rural women are climate aware and climate resilient. What can you do? Here’s what the women have to say:

We are thrilled to share that the Buzz Business programme has catalysed more than 25000 rural businesses. Rs 200 crores has been channelised towards rural enterprise creation!

That’s so many women, who were otherwise dependent, but are now engaging in economic activities. That’s so many women having money in their hands. That’s so many women enabled for a dignified life. Can you imagine how life changing this is?

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Our women in the villages aren’t merely embracing entrepreneurship; they are pioneering sustainable businesses that actively contribute to climate action. Their wisdom and resilience not only drive economic growth but also foster environmental stewardship, making them the true architects of change in our communities.