#BeatPlasticPollution to create a circular future

Join our Instagram live conversation to #BeatPlasticPollution to create a circular economy.

Introducing our speakers:

Rishita Sharma is an entrepreneur and nature lover. She is the founder of Green Utsav and Rent A Cutlery. Rishita has been helping people create sustainable events since 2016.

Nidarshana Saikia Das left her corporate career in early 2019 to turn her passion for sustainable living into a profession. She started a steel cutlery bank, The Bartan Company, along with three other eco-warriors to promote single-use, plastic-free celebrations.

Vani Murthy is a composting and sustainable living enthusiast whose terrace garden inspires many of us. Vani promotes low-waste events and owns cutlery that she rents out to friends and family.

Anuradha Govind, the host of the conversation, is an SWM practitioner and champion of community zero-waste events, actively promotes low-waste lifestyle through composting, terrace gardening and bio enzymes preparation.