Young people must get their hands DIRTY for the environment!

On the International Day for the Promotion of Biodiversity, the United Nations invited different stakeholders to highlight their contributions to the Biodiversity Plan and become #PartOfThePlan.

We asked, how do we get young people to become #PartOfThePlan and care about biodiversity?

“It is crucial to facilitate experiential learning for young people to understand the importance of biodiversity by taking them outdoors, giving them exposure to different habitats, and creating meaningful experiences. Making biodiversity accessible—from neighborhood parks to wildlife sanctuaries—is key. Young people should feel a sense of ownership in preserving these spaces.” - Sohail Madan, an ecologist and conservation expert.

The transformation of Asola Bhatti is a story to learn from. Once a barren mining site, the sanctuary today is home to diverse wildlife, flora, fauna and North India’s largest butterfly park, which was led by Sohail and his team.

This transformation did not occur because of the heroic acts of one or two people. Through the 1990’s many young people, researchers, local communities and civil society organisations collectively led the restoration and conservation of the area.

Today, Asola Sanctuary has become a favorite spot for Delhiites to visit whenever they want to soak in a little nature. It’s a compelling experience that draws people back and creates ownership for the ecology that nourishes them.

We call this NOURISHING NOW - having a safe haven where you can breathe easy and feel grounded, and if the space does that, you will value it.

What’s your #NourishingNow space?