Wicked problems

Came across this post on LinkedIn…


Thanks for sharing that. At the foundation, recognising and respecting complexity (reality?) Is a step we took early, and it’s kind of helped us see how the climate issue might intersect with daily choices, lives and lived experiences. We, of course, do not have a comprehensive map yet, but I think the true complexity is staggering and almost unmappable completely, but ideas from emergent systems and thinking can help desk with that without utter overwhelm.

It’s time the world starts to see this too. In governance, policy and changemaking.

Just wanted to share the original article link. And the line that I loved - I have shared the screenshot.

Also wanted to add. Even though I have been chasing the Rainmatter team for almost 6 months, and I am yet to get lucky but one of my aspirations to be around the team is also because unlike “Everybody, like the rich guy on the balcony in Calcutta, is in their own bubble” the team at Rainmatter (Foundation and non-foundation) has not been in their own bubble. The team really a. Understand and b. Care about solving problems. I can vouch for this because I also understand a few things here and there. :slight_smile: In fact, I said something similar when I have a call with @Sagar_Gudekote! <3

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