What’s stopping India from achieving its biogas ambitions?

India’s pursuit for cleaner energy has a perplexing absentee: biogas.

India’s target was to produce 15 million metric tonnes of CBG from 5,000 new plants by the end of this year. As of March, only 46 plants had been commissioned.

The country’s flagship scheme to promote biogas is mired in ambiguity. Operators are struggling to run plants at total capacity. There is a mismatch between demand and supply.

But biogas is low-hanging fruit to achieve clean energy goals. What’s stopping?

I came across a group of farmers who went on youtube, searched for a way to make biogas accessible, and implemented a simple scheme. They fill biogas in a used tyre tube and connect to their stove and use it. Lasts them for a day’s cooking. Set up similar one in every village and they can probably supply surplus gas to the city.