What Can The Past Tell Us About Our Climate Future?

CSTEP’s latest report, ‘Climate Atlas of India’, summarises the findings from historical climate analysis and makes future climate projections.
Here are the key findings:

  • The historical climate data was gathered for the period 1990-2019 from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) while the projections have been made for the next 30 years, 2021-2050 at a district level for the 28 states of India.

  • Climate change projections have been done for two representative concentration pathways (RCPs) or climate scenarios: RCP 4.5 (moderate #emissions scenario) and RCP 8.5 (high emissions scenario). Under both scenarios, a warmer and wetter future is projected for India.

  • An increase in maximum temperature by 1.5℃ to 2℃ is projected for 15% of the districts under the moderate emissions scenario and for 63% of the districts under the high emissions scenario.

  • An increase in the number of days with temperature departure from the normal by 4.5°C to 6.4°C and >6.4°C is projected under both climate scenarios compared to the historical period in all the 15 districts analysed for heatwaves.

  • Additionally, very high-intensity rainfall events are projected to increase by one to two events annually under the moderate emissions scenario and one to three events under the high emissions scenario.

Read the complete report for a detailed look at the projections.

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