[Webinar] Restoring Narmada's riverside habitat

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We would like to invite you for the next webinar on Restoring Narmada’s riverside habitats, where Ashok Biswal will be presenting about The Nature Conservancy’s work in Madhya Pradesh.

Hope to see you on the webinar, please share with others who you think might find this interesting and you can register using this form.

Date: 02-09-23

Time: 5 pm onwards

Venue: Zoom Meeting

Restoring Narmada’s riverside habitats

Recognising the importance of the river for Madhya Pradesh’s economic development and environment, the state Government launched the Narmada Seva Mission. Echoing and furthering the government’s mission, The Nature Conservancy India conducted a scientific analysis of the entire river basin (92,672 km2) and identified locations where effort would create the maximum conservation benefits. This is the first such study conducted at a basin-wide scale and classified sites along the Narmada and its tributaries based on the impact of land use, population and infrastructure development. Subsequently, it identified sites that are degraded as well as the most suitable for restoration, thereby allowing the government and other stakeholders to deploy resources efficiently by prioritising degraded areas for restoration. You can read more about the project here.

About the speaker

Ashok Biswal is a conservationist and nature photographer. He has worked in forest and wetland conservation for the last 12 years in both the government and private sectors in areas including biodiversity inventory, forestry expedition, documentation, monitoring, and conservation sociology. At The Nature Conservancy he works as an Associate Scientist where he manages and implements the landscape and riparian restoration works scientifically for the Central Indian landscape. He has extensively explored the Eastern and North-East region of India for documenting lesser-known species. He has also authored 5 books, three on wetlands flora and two on general biodiversity.

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