We need climate focused journalism and messaging

We think a mainstream awareness and involvement in climate change problems and solutions is absolutely critical. And we’re delighted to partner with, through grant support,
The Morning Context
, Citizen Matters and FactorDaily to help achieve this.

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This is excellent news, Sameer, very much appreciate this support for climate journalism. We also need to find ways to engage with hearts along with minds – through story, poetry, song, film, and other creative arts: in short, through shared psychology and culture.


Can we add ThebetterIndia to this

We also need to the tell the stories and facts you guys keep digging out at NCF with a larger audience.


Agreed, Sameer. I’m trying to make the distinction between two audiences – (1) those who are already engaged/concerned, and for whom factual stories are interesting, and (2) the vast majority (?) of other people for whom the environment doesn’t register in any meaningful way, and with whom we need a very different sort of engagement and communication.

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This is great news Sameer.
It is so heartening to see folks coming forward to support journalism.
May the tribe increase!

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Very happy to see this. We’ll have plenty of stories to share with these three news outlets! :slight_smile:

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