Wastelink: solving for food waste

Wastelink solves for commercial food waste by building a sustainable food to feed ecosystem for the country.

We help food companies prevent food waste with a remarkable circular economy solution that includes nationwide collection and digital traceability coupled with substantial economic and climate impact (https://wastelink.co/).

We manufacture ingredients for the animal feed industry that improve yield and create better outcomes for livestock farmers (https://ecofeed.co/).

So far, we have upcycled over 16,000 tons of food waste slowing climate change by an estimated 50,000 tons of GHG equivalent emissions.


Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.
Curious to learn if this is solely b2b or if/how CSOs, residents’ associations and individuals can benefit/pitch-in?

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Hello Marisha, our business model is focused on companies in the business of food.

Residential food waste is a whole different problem statement requiring a different set of strategies and business model.