Veditum's documentary 'Moving Upstream: Ganga' from a 3000 km walk along the river is now Open Access


Hi everyone, I’m excited to share with you that the documentary - Moving Upstream: Ganga - filmed over 6 months during our 3000km walking expedition, from the mouth of the river to the source, is now Open Access.

Making it open has always been our goal. And after being selected for festivals across the globe, and while we continue screenings in festivals, schools, colleges, community spaces, events, etc, we’re finally taking the plunge and making it available via YouTube.

I hope you enjoy watching the documentary, and also share this with others. You can watch it at this link:

About the film

The Moving Upstream: Ganga documentary was filmed over 6 months on a 3,000 km walk along River Ganga in India by Siddharth Agarwal. It explores the idea of walking, people’s responses to a walking traveler in this fast paced era and an evolving relationship with the natural world.

Aimed at an urban audience that is largely disconnected from the realities of rural India, the film provides an unfiltered view into the thoughts and life of people living next to the river. The film amplifies voices and concerns of the riparian community - a severely under-represented section of society in India.

This documentary also successfully breaks out of the stereotypical mould of religion, religious centres and urban India into which the Ganga has been forcefully restricted through politics and popular media - much like the numerous dams on the river itself that hold back its true nature. A modern day journey along an ancient river.

This documentary has been made as part of the Moving Upstream project series at Veditum India Foundation -

Film credits:

  • A film by: Veditum India Foundation
  • Director: Shridhar Sudhir
  • Produced by: Siddharth Agarwal
  • Executive Producers: Priyans Murarka, Siddharth Agarwal
  • Camera: Ayan Sil, Shridhar Sudhir, Siddharth Agarwal
  • Editing: Arbab Ahmad, Shridhar Sudhir
  • Sound Design & Music: A Bhaskar Rao
  • Animation: Aindri C

Here’s the poster for the documentary with the QR code that will take you to the film on YouTube. Do share this in your networks!

Appeal for collaborations

I’m also looking to collaborate with folks via public talks, online discussions, in-person events, seminars etc which can help us to showcase the documentary and its message to a wider audience.

And especially excited to see how different folks will make use of this artefact in their research, work, teaching, and more to talk about methods as well as learnings shared in the film. If you do make use of the documentary, do share with me.

Please write to me at [email protected] if you have any thoughts or questions.

Thanks for reading!


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Congratulations Siddarth! I am thrilled to share this with our ALT EFF audience, and will do immediately over socials and later this month in the upcoming newsletters.

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