Vanvasi Project India : village based product development by architects of

This is a mention of our work - day before yesterday . The context is our view point that govt schemes will work better if entrepreneurs and startups are taken in partnership to reach out target beneficiaries in rural areas with proper communication. in sync with budget proposed 2022-23 by F.M.


Cool stuff, it is welcome to see initiatives which generate income in rural livelihoods from the comfort of their homes.

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Thank you for reading about our work . Here is a recent interview with more details of how have we able to develop rural productions from zero level . Now we translate it into value chain . Regards
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Dear Rishabh, the work you are doing is relevant and having genuine impact. It may not appeal to most as the latest and greatest but it touches on the most beautiful aspect - the human condition.

Time and again, we wonder why farmer collectives are not successful and think how to engage them more meaningfully. To put this in context, let me give this example: I see a beggar on the street and I give him alms. A second person comes along and offers him training, another offers capital to run his own enterprise, yet another offers him a community of people such as him and the community has the means to enterprise…which would be successful? I have not seen the answer to this myself.

The moment you enter a village and gather the farmers around for a meeting. Their faces are expectant. The rich uncle is here and he is going to dole out the goodies. If you don’t, they will wander off as you chatter on. The challenges today are not only that you have to do the right thing but you have to fight against the forces which are doling out freebies. It is like trying to get my kid to study while the rest of the family is buying him tablets, gaming consoles, TVs, phones and what not.

Do persist and keep us updated. We have very few of your kind and God knows we could use everyone.

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Thank you so much . Very clearly you have written about the main underlying problems . @Sydney

Thank you