Turning Climate-related content ideas - problem statements (old, new), progress, update, impact, success stories etc - listed on the Grove platform into a distribution to spread the importance of Climate problem to the billions

Hi everyone,

I recently read Book - Made in India - by Amitabh Kant. And one framework that got stuck in my mind - The 3C framework. And the conclusion of that framework is - Consciousness (Scale) is the medium by which we can bring the other two: Affordability (Cost) and Convenience to replace the linear economy by the circular economy. This is one of the reasons I have been thinking about everything in terms of scale. And recently, I tried an Instagram experiment for the Cafe where I read and write on weekends and it worked. And we all know those who control the narratives control the world. We have allocated resources - capital and time - with good intentions. I think we should know the narratives that can truly create an impact at scale.

Let’s get started…

It is great that we have a platform where we are discussing all these crazy big-size problems that have the potential to destroy the consciousness of our world. But the real question is the number of folks that can read and understand the gravity of the problem that we are discussing, is super low. And at this scale, it will take many decades to create any visible impact. And that would be depressing, no? Sunita Narain has highlighted beautifully in her book - Conflicts of Interest! (Thanks for the book recommendation @dattasrijani)

We (I know, I know I am not part of the team officially. But you can’t stop me from being part of the team, okay sorry) have committed $100 million in the next 10 years for the foundation. And now we have a few learning here and there. But at present, there are a handful of us who have some sort of holistic understanding (again, I considered myself on that list, lol). But this list has to be a minimum of 100 million in the next 5 years. And this can be only possible if we convert this complex and super difficult-to-understand context into easy-to-understand language/content.

How can we do that?

Create a self-sustainable Instagram page for content creators focused on climate-related content.

What I have realised is that a super complex concept can be explained by poets or other content creators in the simplest language. Some of the concepts that I have learnt about a super complex problem by reading less than 100 words poem or 45 seconds reel that could have taken me many days of reading. There is some beauty in these poems and such content. And the kind of reach such content has is unimaginable. And we must leverage that to spread the gravity of the problem.

This is what I am proposing - this might take a few dedicated resources - people and capital - but we can make it self-sustainable after a time. And based on the probability, we have an 80% chance of success.

  • Create an Instagram page - we need a name
  • Select content ideas of the problem statements (old, new), progress, update, impact, success stories etc listed on the Grove platform
  • Collaborate with Climate based content creators, poets, Standup Comedian etc and ask them to create content - images and reels - of the selected content ideas
  • Initially, we might need to pay which is fine - or we might not, because those creators will also seek climate-related content ideas - to bring traction (Followers, engagement, value etc) on their page
  • Once we cross 100K followers (We can set a target to achieve that in 6 to 9 months), we can organise events for climate-related content creators to make the platform a cult. And once we will cross 250K, I think most of the content creators will even pay that page to collaborate.
  • And once we cross 250K, sustainable brands will also pay that page and those capital will be enough to pay the resources to manage the page: self-sustainable

However, our purpose is to create a platform that has the potential to educate the world the importance of climate care and thinking of our earth as a gift and making sure to pass this gift as it is to the next all possible generations.

Potential Outcome: We have no idea what type of narratives work for 1.4 billion Bhartiya. This experiment might give us that secret.

What do we have: Unlimited Climate based Content ideas

This thread is for everyone - please share your pov!

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Hey @Suman_Jile

We have a few things planned on the content side of things. I have DMed you my number just incase you want to brainstorm anything regarding the same.

Hey @Sagar_Gudekote - Can I say, my contributions are limited to the Grove platform? (lol) :rofl: Kidding, Thanks, will ping you. @NithinKamath please see how much the Rainmatter’s thought processes are aligned with my thought processes! :slight_smile: Another knock on the door, I can cross any distance to work and be around you @knadh @sameershisodia