Tree Planting Guide for Houses and Apartments in Bengaluru


“We stay in an apartment, and there is very little space around. What trees can we plant?”

“I live in an independent house, and we would like to have trees. But we are worried the roots will damage our walls and underground sump.”

These are questions we have often been asked by residents of Bengaluru. What it tells us is that while there is an interest in planting trees, there are also concerns about what kind of trees are most suited owing to constraints of space and potential damage to infrastructure.

This guide is aimed at addressing some of these concerns. We have included 26 species of trees that can be grown in independent houses or apartment complexes in Bengaluru. We have included a basic description of each of the species, how to plant and care for the trees, the different kinds of uses and a fun fact or information nugget. The guide also contains information on installing root barriers to protect infrastructure from being damaged by tree roots. We have also included how diseased or damaged trees can be treated.

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