This interactive website connects all of us to a sustainable future

Is digging another borewell in my layout a good idea? How deep do I need to go? How quickly will my borewell dry up? Can I reuse my wastewater? With the increased instances of heavy rain events, is there a way to mitigate flooding in my locality? Is there a way to turn around this problem and actually put this excess flood water to better use? We are all familiar with questions like these. Many of us have also had to endure the agony of seeing our borewells go dry and wondered what to do next. As much as these are problems being grappled with at an individual and community level, they are also a manifestation of the well-known issues faced by our city as a whole.

The Urban Waters website is a valuable repository of resources to understand and tackle urban water issues.


What began as a Bengaluru-only repository, is now expanding to include Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. The new website will bring together all existing, as well as newly curated, resources from all 4 cities under one interactive website. With the support of the Wipro Foundation, we are elated to launch the Urban Waters website in a new avatar! Learn about all aspects of water management from the varied resources on this website.

Find information under different themes, resource types and languages. The website hosts resources under 20 different categories, such as rainwater harvesting, urban lakes, integrated water management, etc.

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