The Water Conundrum: Developing a Plan for Panipura

The drinking water crisis in many parts of Bangalore during the summer is not new. But this year, it seems to have taken a whole new form. taking from this years, World Water Day theme, of water for peace, it only seemed fitting that we talk about the need for a water security plan to alay the tension brewing around us. Like many other things that sit on the intersection of climate governance, and policy, we have a game for this too!

On 6th of April, a day before world health day, we would like to invite you all to a session of Hanigalu, a game about water security planning, its intricacies and trade-offs. Join us, in understanding how the intersection of urban governance and management of a natural resource works against the background of climate change.

Ready for planning the water woes of Panipura? Limited seats available. Secure your spot now!

:date: April 6, 2024
:alarm_clock: 10am -12pm
:round_pushpin: Zoom
:clipboard: Registration: Microsoft Forms

Note: Participation confirmation on a first come first serve basis.