The Struggles in the life of a Green Technocrat

I am an Asst Environmental Engineer with Haryana State Pollution Control Board, Department of Environment and Climate Change

We are the regulatory and implementation agency for most of the environmental laws and regulation.

I really wished to make people aware about the struggles and challenges of Pollution Control Board employees life and why we aren’t truly achieving the goals.

While people often blame the authorities, only a few care to look at the working conditions of the India’s Green Force !

In one of my article for Indian Express, I along with an acquaintance of mine have tried to encapsulates all the challenges and struggles of working in India’s Pollution Control Boards. Do give it a read to fathom the severity in a better fashion.


@enigmaticengieer Hardik, welcome to Grove! :slight_smile:

Welcome here, Hardik, and thanks for sharing that. If there are ways we and citizens can help solve some of the issues PCBs face - data/tech/collaborations/etc - we would love to help.

For instance, we have funded Blue Sky Analytics and if you think a collaboration with them might help, do let us know. FOSS United would also be happy to pitch in with open source tools, datasets and time for this.

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thanks for same Sameer.

Let’s talk it further, what kind of solutions/assistance can your team provide exactly?

@enigmaticengieer Hardik, True! It is always easy to blame the government employees/local authorities.
Thanks for sharing it with us !