The role of regulation and mandates

When I posted the previous question around The Urban Climate Problem on LinkedIn, I got a huge set of responses including those where folks expressed the need to bring in mandates and regulatory curbs of various kinds, including on individuals.

Was just now watching a video about the push for ecocide to be recognized in international law.

There have been recent laws and regulations in Europe that limit or curb short haul flights, fast fashions and so on. Here again we saw the right against climate change - that could open a pandora’s box but a lot hinges on how hard we define that and where we choose to draw the line.

Do you think there’s a role to play for suchlike? What’s the minimum consensus needed for governments to push this? How do we even start to create that (goes back to the messaging question discussed earlier)?

What kind of regulations could we push for? How do issues like my kids’ right to breathe clean air vs our individual rights to buy and drive a car of our choice get resolved? Is there even a debate around suchlike?