The population vs climate change question


It’s often linked to population growth.
It’s primarily a consumption problem.
The data says that.

Of course, one’s own consumption (aka convenience) is the toughest one to challenge.


This makes me think about what are the most data-driven, individualised driver of consumption - social networks based ad networks; and how they could be redesigned to help reduce unnecessary consumption in a personalised way (important since sustainability is different for each individual depending on location and what’s available as locally as possible).

One of the design change could be ‘no paid ads’, which would incentivise a sustainable consumption overtime by giving local producers more chance to meet local consumption needs (rather than be out competed by non-local producers who could pay to sell).

Here’s an idea (grove post) on how open-source social platforms can help with consumption during climate crisis.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

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