The lost and ignored philosophies of mindful human existence

I remember a time when a few, quite a few, used to point fingers at Indian consumers and point out how we’d rather do it all by ourselves than to purchase products and services to improve our quality of life.

This mindset was predominant in almost all households where parents, and especially mothers for some reason would be both resource and finance conscious when it came to purchases of any sorts - from our notebooks to clothes and more.

Fast forward to today, we have become avid consumers, leaps and bounds ahead by our own standards maybe 10-15 years ago, and not for the better I believe. And I can’t help but wonder how the non-tech savvy and the non-consumeristic side of the world might be helping us all survive and live longer by contributing less to the global ecological damage and the Nth order effects of it.

I have questions to tickle your brains and get some interesting responses:

  1. Does anybody here try to tackle/understand the sudden shift in not only consumerism but also the philosophy of it all?
  2. Has anyone here tried to tackle the above from the angle of (behavioral/Neuro) science?
  3. If you truly want to save the planet by doing your bit, what is that one thing that you would be ready to sacrifice starting tomorrow for the next 365 days that you know causes harm to the planet?
  4. Is there a “fireside chat” of sorts for members here at the grove that interested folk often do to discuss logical systems before diving into the functional ones? (Of course, I am aware of the podcasts).
  5. Would there be any benefit from spending resources - human, tech, time, energy and more, towards this cause even ?

Please do let me know what you folks think, eager to hear from fellow grovers.

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