Tech fellow at the Rainmatter foundation (Closed - Candidates shortlisted)

We are offering a (12 months, paid) fellowship position at the Rainmatter Foundation for a person with decent technical know-how who can advice and guide non-profit organisations working in the environmental space on tech matters.

The role involves:

  • Helping non-profit organisations make broad technical decisions, eg: suggesting FOSS alternatives to solve problems at hand instead of proprietary solutions.
  • Connect organisations to vendors, freelancers, consultants who can help them with implementations.
  • Non-profits that do have some in-house technical capacity and are interested in open sourcing their work, help them with the process (introduce version control, source code repositories, basics of project hosting and README conventions etc.)
  • Introduce such organisations and their projects to FOSS communities (eg: @fossunited)
  • Speak to organisations and understand their requirements and enable collaboration and sharing of tech solutions amongst organisations. For instance, organisations working on agriculture may need very similar farm management CRMs.
  • Some hands-on fullstack dev experience would be a great asset in assessing these scenarios and giving targeted technical advice.
  • Attempt to expand this activity into a structure program to the point that where this can be scaled into a fulltime process as a team.
  • Attempt to gradually small ecosystem or community of freelancers/consultants/entrepreneurs who can provide technical services to non-profit orgs with expertise in some of their focus areas.

This is an experimental project aimed at helping non-technical non-profit orgs save immense amount of money and time that generally ends up getting wasted on wrong tech solutions and the re-invention of wheels. Based on the success of this experiment, the fellowship can turn into a full time role with the goal of establishing a technical advisory/thinktank that can take on bigger activities and projects.

Location: Remote / online.

If you are interested, please reply on this thread or e-mail us at [email protected]


Hi Kailash!
This sounds like a good experiment.

What kind of time commitment are you looking for?

Hi @piyush,
As it’s an experiment, it’s unclear to be honest. To begin with, I’m guessing it would just be a handful of hours per week, mostly just communicating with orgs.

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We have shortlisted candidates for this role and will not be accepting any more fresh applications. Thank you so much everyone for the interest in joining Rainmatter Foundation. :slight_smile: