Sustainable, regenerative farming is slowly but surely becoming more widespread

A quick 2020-recap of some of our partner farmers who are working on growing food in a better way -


I believe this, couples with more reforestation, is a huge answer to both climate change as well as to nutrition quality.

They other thing would be to localize most production and reduce miles…


Social justice would be my starting point as root cause for all environmental social challenges. Very few of us focus on this arduous culturally nuanced task of addressing community action from the grassroots level. The bubble islands of hope are inspiring motivators though.

Heartening & Humbling to see so many folks doing this.

Here’s a great guide from @Malvikaa on getting started with planting for agroforestry.


Millets indeed seem to be a major part of the solution. India has been a millet nation for generations. The quest now is to push multicropping, agroforestry and better water management practices where this is taking root already, and spread in more places. Processing capacity enhancements and value addition will also help make these rewarding as well as resilient.

A good read in the context.

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This is really encouraging - a 23% drop in pesticide usage is amazing!

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