Sustainable Consumption in Institutions

At FarmerStory, we help drive Sustainable consumption in Institutions (Corporate, Hotels, Schools, etc) and connect their supplies from Socially & Environmentally impacting enterprises. We work with Farmers, Artisans, Tribal SHG’s & small passionately run enterprises from across India and provide them the critical volume for faster growth which can have deep social impact on such communities.

Apart from monthly supplies, we create an eco-system to get the employees involved as well in the initiative to turn sustainable.

Here’s what our eco-system covers:-

  1. Monthly Sustainable supplies
  2. E-markets - Regular markets showcasing products from social enterprises & encourage the employees to support such enterprises
  3. Sustainable Gifting - provide institutions unique, community made & sustainable gifting options
  4. Meaningful employee engagement & Impactful CSR linkages
  5. Platform for Urban-Rural connect. Connecting Urbanites with Rural Knowledge base of Farmers, Women Entrepreneurs, Tribal Groups, etc)

We’ve had some initial success & are working to increase team, reach more institutions, on-board more social enterprises and eventually create more “Social & Environmental” Impact.