Support Scientific Study On Lime In Sustainable Building Technology

Came Across this request for support, thought this would be a good place to share.

The construction industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions, which causes global warming and climate change. One of the remedies to reduce carbon emission is to use low embodied energy materials. To develop techniques which use locally available natural materials and upcycling industrial waste, scientific studies are essential. Thannal Natural homes intend to support students technically who are interested in doing such scientific explorations.
Civil Engineer Basith Ali from TKM college, Kerala, is researching the potential of Lime, Surkhi, Rice husk ash, GGBS (industrial waste) and bamboo in performing as structural members. The studies are part of his M. Tech course, with guidance from Thannal. We are looking forward to opportunities to raise funds for such a study. Any financial support for this research work, either personally or through any organisation, is welcome. The study is a need of the hour for reviving natural building techniques across present-day construction needs. Further technical details are present in the link below.
Kindly contact Basith Ali by Email or mobile for any queries and to extend your support - [email protected] - mobile Basith - 9847811976

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