Starting on Afforestation Project

Hey Folks

Here, I am presenting one idea on tackling carbon emissions, Afforestation!
Everyone knows about it and very few do it because of multiple factors.

How I am planning to do this?

  • Start with a small land region and plant 100s of trees.
  • Come up with a list of trees with their offsetting capacities and start offering this as a service (Planting as a Service) and take care of offsetting companies’ carbon emissions.

Need help!

  • Do I need any license/registrations to start Planting as a Service? Will LLP/Pvt. Ltd. work?
  • How I can find companies who want to shed their carbon loads to us?
  • How to come up with meaningful pricing that will be helpful for the team working on this and the company as well?
  • Any other suggestions?