Solution to Vaccination Gap in Government Vs Private?

Every year 25 Million Children are born, out of which 74.5% children are vaccinated (NFHS-5) and 94.5% of these vaccinated children take vaccines from the Government. In a way, they are not getting the additional necessary vaccines recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP).

In India, children vaccination (0-9 years of age) is provided by two service providers - 1. Government that provides vaccines against 11 vaccine-preventable diseases free-of-cost and 2. Private Service Providers / Pediatricians providing vaccines against 19 vaccine-preventable diseases.

For the middle and lower-middle class people, availing these additional 6 vaccines not covered by Govt. from Private market is one, economically difficult and two, the parents are not aware of the additional vaccines and their importance. On the other hand, there is no Private Service Provider who is providing only those vaccines that are not given by the Government.


With an innovative, accessible and affordable vaccination model providing only those vaccines not a part of Govt. Immunisation Program, we have come up with India’s first low-cost vaccination service under the name - Jivika Sampoorna Teekakaran Yojana. With Jivika Sampoorna Teekakaran Yojana, we are solving three “A’s” - Awareness, Affordability and Accessibility of vaccines. With this, we are creating “4 Wins”

  • 1st Win - To the end consumers as we provide only those vaccines that are not covered by Govt. and not the complete package. This makes us a more affordable and convenient service provider.
  • 2nd Win - To the Government as we promote and encourage Govt. Vaccination before ours. We do not aim to create a parallel system but enhance and complement the existing one.
  • 3rd Win - For us as a Startup, this model is Subsidized but is an economy of scale model that will help us create a sustainable impact.
  • 4th Win - For the General Practitioners - By onboarding them as Jivika Clinics - we are giving them Vaccination as an added service, which not only will increase their overall footfall, but also will oorganise the unorganised GPs.