Social Media Assistance

Many NGOs struggle with managing their social handles. @Vigneshwar is leading an idea is to solve that, and also help folks in non tier-1 learn these skills and offer it as a service. Please team up if you want to help with this.


Connecting @Vigneshwar and @shubha for the social media help needed

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Thanks Sameer. Getting the initiative started soon. Will be connecting with Shubha soon

@Vigneshwar, connecting with @Malvikaa who needs this help as well


@Vigneshwar Pls update us as the connects are made and requests resolved

Current Status

Swayyam: Intro meeting done. Roadmap to be proposed on 11/12 th Jan.
Assigned Swikruti ( Purnea, Bihar) and Bhawna ( Kormangala, Bangalore) to take this forward, they will be owning both financials and execution, I will be point of escalation.

Biome: Reached out to @shubha and yet to receive response. Requirement gathering call scheduled for 16th January. Intro emails to be shared as next step, possible collaboration on localized Marcom.

Update from Arivu: Training 2 people on Canva in Sirsi

Will keep editing this comment as things progress


A small pilot:

As part off ongoing experiments, coached 3 people from Uttarakannada ( 2 school teachers and NGO co-ordinator) on Canva.

Our involvement was limited to introducing them to tool and it’s business case.

Each of them has earned around 700 INR in last week.

Most of client requests they recieved were business card /visiting card to be shared on whatsapp.

We dint coach them on lead generation etc but just asked them to charge atleast 100 INR for any work they do.


This is very cool Vigneshwar. :slight_smile:

Just curious, how long did it take for you to train the three individuals.

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This is awesome @Vigneshwar - we’d love to get a shareable creative around the Small Grants Programme made in English, Hindi and Kannada to be shared on WA. Will these folks be able to help us?

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Indic text on Canva might be a challenge, but can get it done with another designer (currently employed with local newspaper) who is proficient in photoshop. Nominal charges ( 100 per creative). Let me know if it’s ok. @sameershisodia



The training happened async over a week in whatsapp group chat. To be honest it was sharing curated content and a bit of re-assurance.

I think I would have spent max 30 mins, cumulatively.

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Sample creative
@Pai they could create with minimal input


This is very nice. :slight_smile:

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Happy to inform that Swayyam has paid us advance and signed for long term relationship. Happier to inform that team which will work on Swayyam consists of 5 women from 5 different locations, while we could had “more efficient” way , we felt Malavika inspiring these 5 women outweighed efficiency.

And @sameershisodia this is 25x more than what we had initially discussed :wink:


@Vigneshwar This is really cool!!

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Very nice initiative would like to connect with you @vigneshwar


Sure Bhavini, it will be our pleasure. My co-ordinates
[email protected] 8123788429