Small and marginal Adivasi farmers find their way out of hunger with water

Nestled in the Mahendragiri hills, Dambapur village embodies resilience. Partnering with Gram Vikas, its Adivasi farmers are reviving their lifeline, a water source damaged by Cyclone Titli in 2018.

The canal flows along the periphery of the Dambapur village in Gajapati district of Odisha. The canal is the primary water source for Dambapur and twelve neighbouring villages. Cyclone Titli triggered landslides that inflicted severe damage to the canal, resulting in the destruction of its sidewalls and causing water leakage prior to reaching the fields of Dambapur, causing significant damage to livelihoods in Dambapur village and twelve other villages dependent on it.

The rebuilding and repair work of the canal began in April 2021. Gram Vikas partnered with the village community to reconstruct the canal. On 5 May 2022, the Mahendra Tanaya Canal was inaugurated.

Jayanti and Amita’s stories highlight the village’s journey of transformation; they cultivate a future where water flows freely ushering prosperity into their community.

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