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Greetings from Slam Out Loud.

This is our first post on this platform.
Going forward we’ll be sharing monthly updates (highlights, learning, challenges) from across our programs, to learn and grow together.

Briefly about us and our work with Climate Action:

[Slam Out Loud]( (SOL) is a non-profit that uses the transformative power of the performance and visual arts to help build Creative Confidence (a combination of six 21st-century and socio-emotional skills) in children from disadvantaged communities.

We work with professional artists and e-learning resources to help children build the skills needed to achieve greater life outcomes and create mediums for them to be aware of issues like climate action, gender and social justice - in the hope of creating more positive futures.

The problem
India today is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change, with both low coverage from and low potential to respond to climate risks (ICC, 2021), such as extreme weather conditions and toxic air and water quality.

Continued climate inaction will lead to more negative systemic effects, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are already vulnerable, are likely to be the most impacted. The India Climate Collaborative predicts a 35% increase in malnutrition, lower access to safe drinking water, and a 15% fall in income due to crop failure, which could lead to increased school dropout rates for children.

India is among the few countries that have made environmental education compulsory at all levels of formal education. Yet, there remain several issues at the implementation level: lack of teacher training and academic value given to the subject, meaning that the compulsory 2 learning hours per week are often replaced with other subjects; and largely theoretical learning opportunities, which fail to encourage critical thinking and problem solving (GEEP). As a result, children are not equipped to understand how climate-related issues extend beyond the classroom, and therefore how they can act upon them.

Slam Out Loud aims to solve these problems through a scalable intervention that enables children to build climate awareness and take informed steps towards more sustainable living.

Our solution: climate education and social-emotional learning through art
With the support of the Rainmatter Foundation, we have integrated arts-based climate education into our facilitator-led programmes, The Jijivisha Fellowship and Arts For All 2.0. Further, we also plan to add climate awareness metrics in our M&E frameworks to evaluate SEL and report back on data generated through this program.

Our existing work in climate education: Gen eARTh & Artivism For Nature
In collaboration with UK-based organization World’s Largest Lesson, who shared their expertise in creating climate action resources for children, we have created Climate Action curriculum and resources through two packs: Gen eARTh - Creative Climate Action for Young Learners, and Artivism For Nature.

Gen eARTh is a self-paced, self-directed 16-hour course for learners aged 8-14 years. Since the launch of our GeneARTh program in June 2021, we reached 53,880 people across our channels. The content was engaged 3,102 times across these channels (likes, comments, shares).

Artivism For Nature is a one-hour self-paced lesson plan for young learners aged 8-14 years, created in collaboration with World’s Largest Lesson and UNICEF to inspire children to be nature positive.

The resources are available in Hindi, English, and Indian Sign Language. They are hosted on online platforms like DIKSHA, World’s Largest Lesson resources library, and Katha’s 300M platform.

We look forward to learning more about all your achievements and challenges.
Very grateful to be part of this community!

Senior Manager, Partnerships and Development
Slam Out Loud

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