Sharing Our Report - A Decade of Collective Impact

Dear all,

Today we reflect on the journey over the last decade by sharing highlights of our work. This is the first such report we have released to showcase the collective impact we’ve had in water and land management.

This impact has been made possible through your unwavering support and collaboration.
In the last 10 years, we have initiated and executed projects that have enhanced water conservation practices, securing this vital resource for communities in need.

Here are some stories:

Bringing back life to Pichguntlahalli’s Wells
In the Kolar district of Karnataka, within the small village of Pichguntahalli,
stand two wells with a story to tell. These wells, integral to the village’s water supply, had fallen into neglect. Our project, in collaboration with EcoEnergy Insights, aimed to bring them back to life. Guided by Well Digger Ramkrishna and his dedicated team, we’ve successfully cleaned, repaired, and restored critical wells near Gottakere Lake.

With initiatives like Aarohana NGO’s desilting of lakes, these collective efforts have sparked a turnaround in Pichguntahalli. Beyond water, this project was a community’s renewal in Pichguntahalli, marking a significant step in reducing the village’s reliance on external water sources and tankers.

Every drop of water in Pichguntahalli is a testament to the village’s spirit and commitment to sustainability. Each rejuvenated well is a successful example of community-driven environmental restoration, creating a more sustainable and resilient environment.

Helping village schools harvest rainwater
With our help, this government school in Kora village in Tumakuru installed a rainwater harvesting system. Located in a rain-deficient south interior region of Karnataka, the school is no longer worried about the looming water crisis and has enough water for drinking, cooking, washing and gardening purposes.

“After the construction of Highway, the lakes around the schools have dried. Water conservation is the need of the hour. I wanted to set up a rainwater Harvesting system in the school. It made so much sense because it is cost effective and promotes both water and energy conservation” - Mr. Madhusudan Rao, Headmaster of Kora school, Tumkur and member of Tumkur Science Center

When the plant was being set up, we were told about rainwater Harvesting and how it had huge advantages. Rao Sir told us how it was important to conserve water and not squander it so that we could avoid a water crisis in the future. We learnt how water can be reused for our day-to-day activities such as flushing of toilets, cleaning, gardening and cooking” - Sandhya Rani, a 13-year-old student of class 7, Kora school

Read more from our report:

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In the report, you will find similar stories and insights that underscore the profound impact of our collective work. These accomplishments reflect the dedication and commitment of our team, partners, and supporters.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your support and contributions to these projects, and belief in our mission.

On behalf of Biome Trust


This is so inspiring ….

Hi @Nikita_Harikishan Thanks for sharing and loved the report and found all the pictures that I was about to request. Just wanted to understand the cost components.

a. What is the expense of renovation of one well?
b. What is the expense of setting up one school harvest rainwater?

I will try doing math on the net impact. Thanks