Scaling Deep

A conversation with @sidsrao reminded me about this article, which I found very interesting. It describes two forms of ‘scaling’:

  • Scaling up: impacting institutional roots
  • Scaling out: spreading useful innovations

… and adds a third one:

  • Scaling deep: impacting cultural roots

“Today, Scale Deep is understood as the deep personal and broad cultural transformational work that is required to create durable systems change.”

It seems to me that the most pressing issues of our time require a major cultural shift: a fundamentally different way in which we think of ourselves, our relationships with other people, and our connections with the natural world. Alongside with designing and implementing ‘solutions’ (which I’m using to mean surface-level fixes), we need to be working on re-imagining the foundations on which our societies are built. A number of people and groups are working on this, but quite outside the mainstream.


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