The Hindu Kush Himalaya is home to the world’s highest peaks and contains the largest volume of ice on earth after the polar regions. However, despite servicing a quarter of the world’s population, the impacts of climate change on the region are under-documented.

With high mountains across the Hindu Kush Himalaya warming at double the global rate, scientists warn that the 1.5 degrees of warming we are predicted to pass in the next five years puts this crucial biome in jeopardy.

2 billion people, including millions facing chronic hunger, rely on glacier and snow-melt from these mountains to drink and to cultivate crops. Countless lifeforms depend on these landscapes for their habitat.

ICIMOD, the leading institute dedicated to mountain communities and the environment, is calling on everyone who cares about the region to highlight the impacts of climate change by sharing your stories and photographs from the mountains over the years.

From the top of the world, let’s make sure we’re heard. Sign the declaration :


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