Rooting for Tubers - A Festival celebrating tuber crops and the communities growing them

Hi All,

I sharing more updates about Rooting For Tubers. We held the one day festival celebrating tuber crops on February 4th, 2024, and it was attended by more than 500 visitors!

We showcased more than 45 tuber varieties from across the country - Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Odisha. We also invited tuber growing communities and learnt about cultivation, food and cultural practices for tuber crops.

We organised panel discussions on tubers with participation from community representatives, agricultural institutions like UAS-Dharwad and UHS Bagalkot, research organisations like the CTCRI, the Rainmatter Foundation and Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies. These discussions helped visitors learn about the nutritional and environmental significance of tuber crops, current and innovations challenges faced in bringing these crops into the mainstream and also the future of these crops in light of climate change and commercialisation of the food system.

Visitors browsed and shopped at stalls offering various tuber products like chips, wafers, papads, jams etc. While enjoying produce from the stalls, we also watched short films depicting the beauty of tuber growing areas and the challenges faced by communities engaged in tuber cultivation.

At the Yele Oota lunch, we indulged in over 25 preparations made from tubers! This included sweet, savoury, and even beverage! Professional Chefs collaborated with the Joida and Meghalaya communities to curate and craft a menu that not only made our taste buds dance but also showcased the versatility of tubers.

From discussions on the future of tuber crops to indulging in tuber products, it was an experience to remember. We were also humbled by the curiosity and interest shown by people from different walks of - farmers, investors, companies, research organisations, professional chefs, students and media alike. Some coverage of the event can be found here:

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We are now exploring and working on potential collaborations and opportunities that emerged from the event! Will send more updates soon!