Role of educated minds to improve lifestyles and livelihoods

I’ve been witnessing tremendous amount people being want to see world more beautiful, especially the educated ones. They’ve been trying things to spread awareness by using all possible methods and technology. I really appreciate the efforts of grove too because it becoming a platform of like-mindedness. Whoever involved in it are contributing to uplift the social structure in more prosperous way, exchanging ideas. Strength lies in unity. If strong minds unite together and work on sustainability, ofcourse we can achieve wonders without compromising on our selfish benefits. Pure hearts always imagined of healthy society, more such people are going to join hands, this beautiful community will definitely make an impact to human lives. I hope we all revolving around the same things of moral values and ultimate reality of humanity. I wish us all well to achieve it. I feel proud to be part of such conversation.

Lots of responsibilities on our shoulders to make next generation skilled enough live satisfied life, educated enough to transfer value details to their offsprings, healthy enough to take care of elderly and little ones, brave enough to ask for help, courageous enough on not to compromise over human values, aware enough to spread significance of environmental, wild life., Happy enough to enjoy personal health, hobbies, sports. Strong enough to share EQ and IQ, empathetic enough to respond to other human’s hardtimes. I just want my dream of achieving a prosperous life to everyone will come true in my own lifetime because everyone deserves it. Only value based real education can achieve it, nothing can. I wish we all contribute to noble cause i believe. Thank you for your time.

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