Reusable packaging as a service for corporates, hospitals, universities, co-working spaces, and events

InfinityBox is the largest primary packaging-focused reusable packaging company in India.

We have served 800,000+ orders and reduced 50,000+ KGs of single-use plastic with already established partners like Swiggy, Zomato, Compass Group, GoKhana, HungerBox, etc while getting an average 4.9/5 packaging rating. On the B2B front, we have worked with numerous corporations like Narayana Hospitals, Morgan Stanley, Wipro, Indorama, and Everest to name a few, and recently onboarded Euro School as a client. We have saved up to 60% of packaging costs and reduced their environmental footprint.

InfinityBox offers various benefits to its partners:

  1. Sustainability: InfinityBox utilizes technology and lean operations to reduce food wastage, water, and electricity consumption (up to 50%), and also reduce blue-collar manpower (up to 60%) at the corporate cafeteria
  2. Cost reduction: Beyond a lower resource consumption, we further work on a pay-as-you-go model, which reduces Capex for our partners
  3. Improved customer experience: While offering Tupperware quality and microwaveable plates, we also share food wastage details. This not only increases employee engagement but also helps build a more tech-enabled experience
  4. Hassle-free cafeteria operations: We deliver the entire day’s stock one day in advance so that there is no need to wash plates in the cafeteria or to worry about long queues during the peak hours
  5. Hygiene: We follow TUV-certified processes to ensure top-notch hygiene for our clients

We are looking to onboard more corporates, hospitals, universities, and any other enclosed space, even a restaurant for their in-house dining to provide a more sustainable and hassle-free experience


Thanks for sharing these details on Inifinitybox, @Shashwat_InfinityBox.

Can we reach out to Infinitybox for any one-time events as well that might be happening through our partners?

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Hi Dinesh, yes of course. We also do events like weddings, corporate events, and house parties. Only condition being it should be more than 50 plates :slight_smile:

@Mari @tanmayi We should connect Shashwat with our partners conducting physical events, this can be really useful if they want to avoid use and throw plates etc.

@Shashwat_InfinityBox We will connect you to teams that can use Infinitybox whenever we see an opportunity.

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Thanks a lot, Dinesh!
Just FYI, we can provide any sort of reusable packaging - melamine, fiber, bone-china, etc. and make a service out of it.


Thanks @Pai

Hi @Shashwat_InfinityBox might Infinity Box have any collateral/poster/how-to guidelines/online page on reducing plastic and/or waste footprint at events?

Wow! This is such good stuff @Shashwat_InfinityBox.

What are the current financial implications as compared to the status quo for different partners to adopt InfinityBox?

Interesting read

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We are also speaking to a team working on this problem in India and are in the process of investing in them. :slight_smile:


We completed our investment in Wastelink - Partnerships, grants, and investments - Rainmatter Foundation

@tanmayi @Mari ++

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