Restore - A marketplace that reuses it's packaging

Hello, I’m Prateek, the founder of Restore-

Restore is an online marketplace that allows packaging to be reused. Customers place an order online and pay a deposit for the container. Restore will deliver the product to them in durable, reusable containers. Once they have consumed the product we pick up the bottle, sanitize, refill it and put it back into circulation. Not only does this eliminate the creation of plastic waste, it allows us to recover the material cost of the packaging.

We have partnered with existing personal care brands to create a marketplace and sell their products in our packaging. The product lines include hand wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and home cleaning products. By reusing packaging for brands, we are able to reduce their cost per use and allow them to use more premium materials such as aluminium, glass etc.

We are currently live with 2 products at

Marketplace launching in June!