Restoration of a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, Auroville

Sharath from Biome shared the following video post our visit to EBTL yesterday. This is inspirational for anyone looking at reforestation.

Also this document
restoration_of_the_tropical_dry_evergreen_forest_on_peninsular_india.pdf (192.4 KB)


Linking the other thread on restoration and rewilding here.

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Really insightful content Nithin!

I have been evaluating Nature Based Solutions - Reforestation, Afforestation and Conservation (REDD+) projects from the carbon markets lens. Nature Based Solutions are a low hanging fruit in the world of carbon sequestration – provided they are legit.

Along with the carbon sequestered, more and more focus has been drawn on the associated community and biodiversity benefits- projects with more of these benefits sell credits at a substantially higher price.

I watched the Auroville movie - growing local TDEF makes so much sense. It is perfect for long term forestry (>100 years). Moreover, it boosts the natural biodiversity. Re-creation and conservation of such forests are the key to restoring all the natural treasure we’ve lost!

Reforestation and rewilding projects built according to the local flora and fauna, such as TDEF projects will also provide a lot of co-benefits and can thus be further incentivized instead of building mono-culture forests such as the ones covered in the Outlook article.

However, I am of the view that we need forests such as these which protect local biodiversity, along with forests that generate income for the local community (fruit bearing trees, timber etc) - thus incentivizing the local community to protect the forests themselves and uplifting their quality of life.

Finding a balance between restoring the biodiversity and uplifting the rural population at scale is of prime importance.

Lastly, the masterplan for Alphonso by the Lake is crazy! I had never seen so much attention to detail in a restoration project. I’d love to visit sometime!


Seeing “Auroville” and “reforestation” in the title sparked this response from me

the citizens of Auroville right now though is undergoing crisis from what i gather, check it out here- Stand For Auroville Unity (@stand_for_auroville_unity) • Instagram photos and videos not sure what can be done though, sitting far away and only gathering bit and pieces of information - but if 23k people are following this page, i am inclined to trust it.