Request for help with Travel policy

Hi All - Wondering if anyone can share a travel policy. There is an organisation that needs to revamp it’s travel policy to include overnight hotel stays, flights, cabs etc as they are expanding now.
Will be much obliged.

Is this a for non profit? Nature of work? Can ask similar orgs for help ccing @rishabh.lalani who will know exactly who can help with this.

Yes… this is for a not for profit.

Hi Arun, what is the size of this non-profit? I can reach out to someone analogous and get a sample policy.

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This is a sample policy: Travel Policy - Funds for NGOs

Will also ask a few people and let you know.


Thanks a lot Rishab… this is very helpful! Much appreicated.

Please do send one or two more if you can manage.

I found this online :

Thanks a lot Sameer :slight_smile:

Hi,… i may be too late by now but nevertheless.

Attached is our HR manual. Please read page 6 and 7 for travel related policies. Please note that we are a small NGO and we incentivize local travels (aka field visits) by bicycle. Hope this helps!
Lipok Human Resource Manual - 2022.pdf (204.3 KB)


Hi… all information always helps :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing this and your point of incentivizing local travel by bicycle is noted.

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